Numerical Investigations on the Sealing Performance of a Reciprocating Seal Based on the Inverse Lubrication Method

The work presented in this paper describes a new approach to calculate the film profile, friction, and fluid transport of a reciprocating U-cup seal used in a hydraulic piston pump. An innovative partial lubrication model of the seal is developed, which connects the inverse hydrodynamic lubrication method and Greenwood–Williamson asperity contact model. Finite element models (FEM) were established to simulate deformation behavior under-mounted and pressurized process using finite element code ansys. Based on the finite element simulations, corresponding numerical calculations have been made using the matlab with the inverse hydrodynamic lubrication and asperity contact theories. The accuracy of these models was validated against existing experimental data to ensure that they can predict the sealing performance sufficiently. The effects of the operating parameters as well as the magnitude of interference on the sealing performance in terms of friction, fluid transport, and film thickn