Frictional Properties of a Nanocomposite Material With a Linear Polyimide Matrix and Tungsten Diselinide Nanoparticle Reinforcement

Frictional properties of a self-lubricating nanocomposite material with an A–OOO polyimide matrix reinforced by gas-phase synthesized tungsten diselenide (WSe2) nanoparticles are studied with a homemade low sliding speed tribometer. Tungsten diselenide is often used as a solid lubricant due to its layered structure yielding to anisotropy, which enhances lubrication properties. To facilitate molecular adhesion friction mechanism, friction against a very smooth steel surface (a Johansson gauge block) was used. It is shown that the composite material reinforced with WSe2 nanoparticles has enhanced frictional performance including lower friction and adhesion.

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