Tribological Properties of Nanoclay-Infused Banana Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites

The objective of this work is to study the tribological properties of natural fiber based composites using nanotechnology. The naturally available banana plant fibers were treated with nanoclay particles, and these treated fibers were then reinforced in an epoxy polymer to form composites. The friction and wear properties of nanoclay-treated banana fiber (NC-BF) reinforced composites were compared with untreated banana fiber (UT-BF) reinforced composites. Short NC-BF- and UT-BF-reinforced composites with fiber concentration ranging from 20 wt % to 60 wt % were prepared by the vacuum resin infusion processing method. The result indicates that the NC-BF-reinforced composites have shown improved friction and wear properties. Microscopy examination revealed that NC-BF-reinforced composites were able to form a transfer layer between the wear test specimen wear surface and counter face, resulting in improved wear properties. The nanoclay particles also induce increased hardness and friction

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