Tribology Workshop

AARDCO Lubrication formulation and testing

This workshop will provide a basic understanding of the principles of Tribology. Tribology is the study of friction and wear with and without the presence of a lubricant. Although friction and wear are aspects of all industrial mechanical components it is not specifically part of science and engineering curricula. This program will last two and a half days with an additional half-day of hands-on Tribology lab work for those who are interested. The subject will be presented in a series of lectures and discussions drawing from current industry practices. Materials and lunch included.

Class meets: June 26 to June 28, 2019
Cost: $995
Location: The University of Akron Main Campus

Learning Objectives

  • How the topography, contact mechanics, and modifications of surfaces affects Tribology
  • What are wear models and when to use them
  • The Basics of Lubrication
  • The difference of wear and friction of different material pairs
  • Test methods in Tribology
  • Current Topics in Tribology


Benefits of attending

  • Provides a cost-effective introduction to this vitally important area
  • Presents basic theory and practice of friction, wear, and lubrication with an emphasis on industrial environments
  • Opportunity for hands-on learning
  • A chance to meet with professionals in the area of Tribology
  • Course notes will be provided to a participants
  • A certificate of attendance is provided.


Course Outline


Friction and Wear

Liquid Lubrication

Solid Lubrication



Who should attend?

Scientists, engineers, and managers who wish to gain a basic insight into Tribology
Employees who have recently moved into the field and wish to improve their background knowledge and understanding
Others who have a need for a basic understanding of Tribology